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Developing your idea

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Through understanding end user requirements, we help guide you through early stage development.

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Benefit from in-house prototyping capabilities as well as a company of highly skilled engineers.

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We offer expert knowledge and industry insight to help you secure funding.

How it works

We offer full lifecycle support for products or we can assist at any stage of product development. That is, early concept development, creating a working prototype, problem-solving issues arising during development or improving an existing product.

At whichever stage you bring your idea to us, we will begin by carrying out a thorough fact find to determine both your and your end users’ requirements. You will then be assigned a skilled team of engineers to fulfil them.

We are also regulatory experts, giving you peace of mind that when your idea becomes a reality, products adhere to the European and international quality and safety regulations.


Mock ups and testing
Once requirements have been assessed, concepts are developed and tested, and prototypes presented for your input. Studies replicating actual product use are then carried out.


We support you through the funding process by identifying streams and advising in the application process. Our team are experts in their field so offer unparalleled guidance to help secure funding.


Manufacturing and distribution
A manufacturing process is drawn up, including compliance strategy, commissioning of tooling and engagement of subcontractors. A commercialisation plan follows, engaging distributors and bringing the product to market.


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