October 9th 2023

JEB’s New Class 8 Cleanroom

The clean down area of the cleanroom, featuring the stainless steel bench, lockers and hatch.

At the beginning of the year, JEB Technologies were handed over the keys to the new 300sqm Class 8 cleanroom. Specially built at the JEB site in Mildenhall, the new cleanroom is being used for the manufacturing and packaging of products and medical devices. The suite of modular cleanrooms and clean down area were designed and constructed by Guardtech Cleanrooms, providing a differential pressure, temperature and humidity controlled environment using specialist structural, electrical and mechanical features.

The 36 HEPA filter fan unit’s provide the cleanroom with particulate filtered air, offering a minimum of 30 air exchanges per hour. The cleanroom has been fitted throughout with grade 304 stainless steel furniture – transfer hatches, step over benches, lockers and racking. The cleanroom has been specifically designed for efficient usage and to meet the demand for manufacturing and packaging high and low volumes of products.  We currently use the cleanroom to assemble a range of our products, including CamPROBE and TransiCap.

The open cleanroom space, ideal for manufacturing and packaging of medical device.

Kevin Akehurst, Senior Medical Manufacturing Engineer at JEB, said: “Having worked in our older controlled environment with limited space for a number of years getting to see the new and larger cleanroom come together was exciting and it’s great to finally get it handed over to us”.

With the continued growth and development of the company and its site in Mildenhall, the cleanroom has been a great addition to the new Medical factory. Having 2 cleanrooms will greatly improve the efficiency of manufacturing and packaging products and just is one of JEB’s many in-house capabilities.